Section 2 The AnaestheticCard App for iPad - Adding MBS Codes from Star List

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MBS Star/Favourite List allows you to Star your favourite and most frequently used MBS Codes and then quickly add them to an Anaesthetic Card.

You can build 5 different Star Lists.

Naming your Lists

By default you can group frequently used items into 5 lists.
While these lists come up as: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Red you can rename them by touching the label (name) next to the Star and type in the new name.
See example below:

Adding MBS Codes to the Star List

To add codes to a Star List simply click on the Star next to the MBS Code.
You will be presented with the 5 different Star Lists to add the MBS Item to.
You can add the item to one or more lists. When the list is selected a green tick will appear on the List that you chosen to add the code to:

You can Star or Un-Star codes from both the complete MBS Search List or the MBS Codes short list:

Add Codes to Card from Star List

In order to add Started codes to a card:

  1. click on the Star+ icon
  2. find the codes that you like to add
  3. tick the box next to one or more codes
  4. click the Add to Card button

You can also Save your selection of codes to reuse them on subsequent cards. You do this by switching the ‘Keep Selection?’ option to ON.
This will not clear your selection of codes. So you can reuse the selected code by simply clicking the Add to Card button

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