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PaperAct Release - April 2012

Dear PaperAct user,
A new software version which includes tons of new features and some bug fixes has been released.

With over 85 changes, below are the highlights of this release. If you have any issues, questions, suggestions please don’t hesitate contacting us directly.

IMPORTANT: If you're getting any error messages when trying to login for the first time, then press F5 to refresh your browser or select Tools --> Clear Browsing History.

Android users, please update your apps to the latest version from the various app stores.

iPhone users, we are still waiting for Apple to review and release our app. Please upgrade your application once you’re getting an upgrade notification from the istore.

Also, don’t forget to check PaperAct Wiki Pages every once in awhile as there are new training videos and articles on the website.
PaperAct Wiki Pages:

Best regards, The PaperAct Team

Copyright (C) 2012 PaperAct Solutions All rights reserved.




Feature - Getting Starter Guide is added to logged in users.



Feature - removing tags from documents is now as easy as clicking on the x next to the tag. The system will then remove the tags from the document and save the document automatically for you.


Feature - When word/excel/pdf document is in the system the user sees only a preview of the document in the preview screen - a yellow message is now presented to assist the user in downloading the file in its native format or PDF.


Feature - When a document is uploaded from an iphone/android Smartphone it's now being marked as upload - source = Smartphone  ; this will enable us to search documents based on source only


Feature - Tags - Artificial intelligence like feature. Consider Including Tags. Once tags are typed the system will suggest the user to include related tags. Adding the tags will be as easier as clicking an hyperlink



Feature - Mobile app - Both android and iPhone - ability to pickup photos from the Smartphone photo gallery. You must update your software revision to the latest revision

See Smartphone Starter Guide:


Feature - Mobile app - add Edit Document to Actions list in Document Properties View

Click on Do More à Actions à Edit


Feature - mobile application header / stapling / pages view have all been improved



Feature - copy document UUID into clip-board for systems integration


Change - Change the Search Document first view look


Change - add last signed in date and account created on date to sc_user


Change - images from home page to remove link to website and package internally


Feature - Document source - - populate the docsource field with the source of the document


Feature - Web Services - add more fields to the results xml file


Feature - ability to go to basket from document properties view is added


Feature - Mobile Application  - Add search in folder to mobile (see advance search in desktop app for more information)


Bug - Mobile Application - content + Tags search tags search AND doesn't work at all


Bug - when using tags search, tags comma is not being added automatically when selecting a tag Bottom of Form


Bug- fixed issue with users having underscore _ in their login_name.


Bug - Android app - fails to load document on first upload + login


 Bug - Security fix - accessing documents in repository when logged as other than private user


Bug - Documents do not show in grid


Bug - Tags - list view tags are not showing


Bug - document search - don't populate values in text box - content + tags


Bug - Today’s view - sorting by name clears the grid


Bug - thumbnail issue when in staple mode. The wrong thumbnail image appeared in some scenarios


Bug - resent your password email -shows the wrong user


Bug - Android app - cannot create new user or use openID logging in webview


Bug - Customized error messages for browser cache issue


Bug - when selecting multiple documents in list - last document tags are shown - issue is fixed


bug- removing of tags from multiple documents in list view is broken


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