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Dear PaperAct EFC Customer,

Last night a new release was deployed to your PaperAct EFC. This release has more than 50 new features and bug fixes.

Below are the highlights of this release. If you have any issues, questions, suggestions please don’t hesitate contacting me directory.

Also, don’t forget to check PaperAct Wiki Pages every once in a while as there are new training videos and articles on the website. If you want to contribute to the wiki pages, please let me know and I’ll create an account for you.

PaperAct Wiki Pages:

Yours sincerely,


New Features:




This feature is for customers that have multiple users. In the past, when the user is in Document Properties view he wasn't able to see the User Name under the Cabinet Name/Folder Name drop down box.
We've added the User Name to the tree structure so when you place a document in a folder now you'll clearly see User Name/Cabinet Name/Folder Name.


You can now send multiple documents from the list/thumbnail views to an external email address by:
1. Select multiple documents (using the CTRL Key)
2. Click the Send button
3. Select how many time you want the external user to be able to download the documents
4. Click Send - this will launch your email program
5. Address the email and send it


In Document Properties view you'll find 2 new buttons 'Copy' and 'Paste'.
This refers to Copying existing document Tags and then Pasting these tags to  a different document


In the past, when you downloaded a PDF or a Document you saw that the document name is not meaningful.
With this new feature, when you download a document its name is:
Document Title -- Document Date -- List of Document Tag
This enables users to send documents across PaperAct systems


There are new features under the Admin Options link (top right hand cornder)….don't be scared to check these features out!
You can now select Batch Tags from the Admin Options. Once selected all documents that go into the system will get these tags assigned to them.
Other features are reboot or poweroff PaperAct EFC and settings of the EFC reminder email link


You must have noticed that we've fixed lists of tags in the Document Properties view. We refer to them as List Tags.
You can now change their labels (i.e. from Category to Reference).
You do this by clicking the Manage Smart Tags button and then selecting the 'Change List Tags Lables' TAB.


When accessing the Tags tab (bottom left corner of your screen) Tags used to be listed in 'most documents per tag' first.
We've changed this sorting order to be Alphabetical order


System reminders are now working properly. We had a bug that some customers didn't get email reminder. You can now trust the system to send you the reminder on time ; - )
This is a very powerful feature that you can use to get a reminder to review a document, pay a bill etc


Tag Lists are fixed lists of tags that users can select from.
You can Add to the lists by clicking on the Manage Smart Tags link and then select the appropriate Tab, for example, Status or Category


Action buttons are all the buttons available at the top of the List and Thumbnail views. For example, Staple, Clip, Email, Reminder etc
These buttons are no available also from the Tags Tab.
We really encourage everyone to use the tags as much as they can since it’s a very powerful feature of the system.


Under the Tags Tab at the top of the list of Tags you'll find a new text box. You can put in there any character to perform a 'wildcard' search on the tags list. For example, let say that you have tags like:
'Telstra Invoices'
'Invoices to Pay'

If you put 'invo' and click the Search button it will list these 3 tags for you with the associated documents


You can now change the order of the pages in Stapled documents by using the Up and Down arrows.
To re-generate the PDF with the new page order, you simply click the PDF icon available in the Staple Document view


Bug Fixes:




Search Tab in itouch/ipad/iphone is now accessible (note there are still major issues with the mobile Safari browser)


File name when downloading - spaces between tags – issues is fixed


Login expires on internet explorer


Tags tab - when searching for a tab refresh issues


Print option - prints blank page – printing should be down from original document format or PDF


Combined Search after searching and initiating again – the search arguments are now kept and can be reused


Email - Reminder issue - error checking to log – reminders are fixed


Close button in Document Prop view


Staple document options don't come up


Email - Reminder issue - Emails are not being sent


Replace Document Type in list view


Create new user from login screen doesn't work


Cursor focus in login screen should be in the input text box - login name


Search index – recreation adjust the buttons


Views from Tags to Search and back to Tags – tab availability


Cannot reindex from UI error message


Tag tab - going to search


List view - sorting not working for Document type column


Documents & Document's Properties - PDF not open


IE image display issue in Document Properties view


IE bug - disappearing menu


List Tags added from Smart tag box


Clipped document when in document properties view




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