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How to Use PaperAct

The PaperAct Wiki Pages are aimed at newbies and other users to help them learn how to use the system.

PaperAct Unit Illustration

PaperAct is a unique device that provides your business with the best possible solution to organise and manage your physical and electronic documents at a very affordable price. Zero hardware to purchase, no software to install or own. Streamlining the entire process from document presentment and delivery to processing, payment, filing, storage and retrieval.

How to Use PaperAct

We have an excellent new article for new appliance users. See the Getting Started Guide for PaperAct Appliance Users

iPhone / iPad / iOS starter Guide

Download PDF:

  • PaperAct Case Study: See how Day Surgery derived an exceptional Return on Investments using PaperAct Download

  • PaperAct Case Study: Scan to the Cloud using PaperAct Download

  • PaperAct Product Description: Download

  • PaperAct in the Cloud information sheet: Download

How to Use PaperAct

The following section and wikipages describe in details how to user the PaperAct Unit and the PaperAct Web Appliaction. You will note that different versions of the Unit might have their specific pages. Click here to learn How to Use PaperAct.

Web-based OCR Service - PaperAct

Major Software Release - User Notes

In this section we put together a list of new features and bug fixes related to each major release:

Assistant Surgeon USA

Release 2.3 1349 User Notes

Release 2.2 1280 User Notes.
Release 2.1 880 User Notes.
Release 2.0 User Notes.
Release 1.84 User Notes.
Release 1.6.1 User Notes.
Release 1.6 User Notes.
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