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Welcome to the PaperAct user Guide Click here to access the full Getting Started Guide or select specific sections below for tutorials and information on how to use PaperAct

Learn how to use the paperAct Web application

How Do I?

New - Use PaperAct Home Screen
New - Use iPhone / iPad / iOS app - Starter Guide
New - Use the Android app - Starter Guide

   New - Upload Button - Main Screen
New - Drag and Drop Documents to PaperAct
New - Send Document(s) Action
New - Select and delete multiple pages
New - Send multiple links of pages - stapled document
New - Exporting Documents to zip file
New - Advanced Search - Searching Folders
New - Content + Tags Search
New - Search using dollar sign
New - Remove Tags from selected documents
New - Handle and Use Unsupported Document
New - Tag Documents using email subject line
New - Lookup Tags - create a string of tags to be used in Email tagging
New - iphone Mobile app Floating staple arrows
New - Scanner Interface - disable duplex buttons when ADF is un-ticked
New - Scanner Interface - Landscape
New - Scanner Interface - Use UI

New Module - Documents Version Control

   Scan a Document to PaperAct Video - Upload Documents using your Scanner
Add a New Document
Video - Upload emails and emails’ attachments
Uploading Documents
Video - Upload documents using your smartphone
Smartphone User Guide
Using Tag Navigation in Conjunction with Search
Control the number of records in my Document List
Configure your PaperAct EFC to support your Smartphone app

New - Access Control Module
Login screen
navigation Overview - Video
Searching for Documents
Searching for Documents using tags
Stapling Documents together - Video
Manage Users - Video
My Profile - Video
Using Smart Tags
Customise the number of records in PaperAct View - Admin Option

Learn how to use the paperAct EFC Appliance

Interactive Scanner Interface Action Buttons

maintenance kodak

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