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Assistant Surgeon is an iPad application for American Surgical Assistants and anaesthesiologists to digitally record, maintain and communicate patient information and billing details to the admin function.

Assistant Surgeon is a replacement for the current printed label and manual card system which is commonly used.

The Assistant Surgeon iPad Application enables you to capture patient labels and procedure information including Surgeon, Hospital and Insurance fund as well as billing information such as per-operation consultation, duration of the procedure and the specific Current Procedure Terminology (CPT®) codes that relate to the procedure. The Assistant Surgeon also contains useful and powerful features and functions for photographing labels, recording time, setting up pick lists, performing search functions and selecting codes.

Up to 60 completed Cards can be temporarily stored on your iPad for reference and review, after which the Cards are transferred to your PaperAct Electronic Filing Cabinet (EFC) account for filing, processing and archiving. Cards are transferred to your EFC account by utilizing the Send feature in the application. Note that you MUST have your mail program configured correctly on your iPad and you MUST have a valid PaperAct EFC account which you can setup by following the instructions below.

Cards are also sent to your specified email address which can be found in the Settings page.

You can log into your PaperAct EFC account at any time from any device running a browser and view your Cards. In addition to storing your Cards, your PaperAct EFC account can also be used to securely file, organize, view and communicate all your electronic and paper based documents from any device running a browser. Documents can easily be added directly to your PaperAct EFC account via a scanner, mobile camera, email or electronic upload.

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

Setup your iPad

Your iPad has to be setup in order to fully utilise your Assistant Surgeon application.

Note:you must have a working mail account set up on your iPad.

Launch the Assistant Surgeon Application on your iPad.
You will be presented with the application Home Screen comprising a left hand vertical Actions pane and a right hand Assistant Surgeon Card List pane.

Before starting to use your app, you must set your PCT Select List


Setup your Card Settings which include your lists of Surgeons, Hospitals and Funds. You will be able to select from these lists while completing your Cards.
It is important to note that these lists can be dynamically added to from within their respective fields on the Card, whilst filling out Cards.



Backup your settings

Whilst all Cards received by the PaperAct EFC are automatically backed up on a daily basis, Cards not yet sent from your iPad application and all the application settings need to be backed-up as part of your routine iPad backup procedure. We therefore encourage you to ensure that your iPad is always backed-up by either connecting it to your iTunes account regularly or by using your iCloud backup facility. This will make sure that your Application and Cards Settings are being backed up correctly and that your backups are up-to-date.

Additional help and user guides

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